QualiTour project at HBCB B2B Meeting: Environmental Responsibility

Information about QualiTour project was disseminated at the HBCB B2B Meeting: Environmental Responsibility held on 29th of October in Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sofia Bulgaria.

Guests of the event were over 100 members of the Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria among which are leading packaging waste recovery organizations, bank institutions, leading food and beverage companies, international coffeehouse chains, etc.

Main points of discussion at the event were the newest environmental trends for the business, which were presented by representatives of leading companies with active policy on environmental and social responsibility. The presentation panel of the event was as follows:

  • Ecobulpack – George Tabakov , Chairman of the Board of Directors „Investment in recycling of packaging waste”  
  • Ecopack – Todor Bourgoudjiev, Executive Director, „Taking care of society and nature” 
  • GAEA Green Alternative Energy EAD – Kostas Nikolaou, Plant Manager; Georgi Tagarinski, Business Development Manager, „Environmental responsibility” 
  • SEM Systems – Dr. Konstantinos Satsios, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, „We know how”

After the presentations, all guests of the event attended a networking cocktail, where they had the opportunity to discuss some of the latest green trends for the business.

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