Pilot Testing in Italy

The pilot testing of the QualiTour Blended-learning training course was organized in 4 sessions held on 16th and 20th of March, and a final seminar held on 3rd of April, 2015. The events were hosted by Fenice Green Energy Park, Padua. A total of 17 participants took part in the face to face sessions, aimed at testing the applicability and relevance of the training content elaborated.

The whole training was conducted in a very positive atmosphere with participants motivated to learn new things. The entire set of modules was covered, as follows:

  • Introduction to sustainable tourism
  • Foreign Languages and Effective Communication Techniques
  • Leadership and networking-techniques
  • Management and Marketing in sustainable Tourism
  • Diversification of sustainable tourism products
  • Application of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, EMAS in the tourism sector
  • Introduction to Standards for Sustainable Tourism
  • Implementation of effective innovation systems for energy economy, RES

Special attention was devoted to module 8 Implementation of effective innovation systems for energy economy, RES, as the Fenice Green Energy Park is specialized in the field.

All participants were acquainted with the QualiTour Blended-learning platform: www.qualitourlearning.eu and its functionalities. At the final seminar on the 3rd of April, participants presented their final project and each of them received certificate of successful completion of the QualiTour training course in sustainable tourism.

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