Pilot Testing in Bulgaria

The pilot testing of the QualiTour training course in sustainable tourism was organized by European Center for Quality and Vratsa Chamber of Commerce. The start date of the course was 5th of March and the end data 20th of April. During that time 3 face to face sessions were held in Vratsa, Bulgaria, on the following dates:

  • 5th of March – presentation of the QualiTour project and its outputs; demonstration of the B-learning platform (www.qualitourlearning.eu). Presentation and discussions of the first 4 modules of the QualiTour training content;
  • 10th of March – presentation and discussion of the rest 4 modules of the training content. Consultations in regard to development of participants’ final projects.
  • 20th of April – presentation of projects elaborated by participants and certificates of successful completion of the QualiTour training in sustainable tourism were given. 

Discussions were held on the topic of each modules moderated by associate professor Marin Todorov from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia. Assoc. professor Todorov gave practical examples on each of the modules’ topics. Special emphasis was put on practical examples of energy efficiency in the tourism sector and benefits of implementation of ISO management systems. Opportunities for project funding for tourism SMEs were discussed.

As a whole the tutoring sessions and the topics discussed were of interest to the audience, as most of the participants were professionals in the tourism field, local development promoters, representatives of local regional authorities, owners of tourism companies, students interested in the tourism sector.

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