Final conference

The final conference of the QualiTour project took place on the 25th of September 2015 in Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sofia, Bulgaria. The main aim of the event was to provide information about the main project outcomes and implementation phases as well as to present good practices in the tourism sector from partner countries. The conference was attended by a total of 159 people. Guests of the event were representatives of the Bulgarian tourism sector as well as foreign lecturers from partner countries.

The conference started with presentation clarifying the terms of sustainable and responsible tourism and highlighting the main trends in the tourism industry in Bulgaria and worldwide. It was followed by a brief overview of the QualiTour project and presentations of good practices on the topic of sustainable tourism from 5 EU countries – Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Portugal and Poland.

After the morning session a practical seminar following the „World Café“ method was organized – it was attended by more than half of all participants in the conference. During the „World Café“, participants were able to discuss 7 different topics on 7 different tables while having their afternoon coffee. At the end of the seminar each table read their suggestions on the topics discussed some of which were “How do you imagine sustainable tourism in 20 years?”, etc.

In the beginning of the conference participants were given a folder with information about the event as well as several riddles which to challenge their knowledge. At the end of the practical workshop there was an awarding ceremony. The riddles were 7 just as much as the partners
in the project. The awards for the participants who have answered correctly to one of the riddles and were selected after tombola were provided by each partner - something typical for their country. In this way the award gifts were various such as Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese; typical Bulgarian wine; pumpkin oil, etc.

The evaluation of the conference was very positive and participants encouraged the continuation of the project in their feedback.

Conference agenda

Conference presentations

1. QualiTour Project Overview

2. Best practices from Bulgaria

3. Best practices from Austria

4. Best practices from Portugal

5. Best practices from Italy

6. Best practices from Poland

7. QualiTour Learning Platform

8. World Cafe